Atlanta Claws: 5 Nail Techs You Will Love

The nail industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry over the last 50 years. Women all over the world have found getting consistent manicures and pedicures as a way to maintain themselves,  boost overall self-confidence and guarantee quality time for themselves. Trips to the nail salon that were once deemed as a luxury have now become the new normal! With endless styling options, nail art has become a form of self- expression, causing the need to have the hottest nail tech  who produces dope work, a must have.

Atlanta has become the “ business mecca” for many minority entrepreneurs in the beauty industry. With all of the talent in Atlanta, it can be hard to find the perfect nail tech who fits your style and taste. Being a nail connoisseur ourselves, we believe creativity, service price, precision and professionalism to be the most significant components that determine a bomb nail tech.  Here are our top nail techs of Atlanta who will keep you on your nail A-game : 

IG: @Flynih_
Photo via @Flynih_ on Instagram

Nihya is a nail tech based out of Lithonia, GA and her sets are full of creativity and spunk. There is not a set on her page that does not have its own unique design. She is well known for her free hand designs and her ability to execute highly creative and one of a kind designs. If you want to take your nail game to the Fly Nih level, be sure to book well in advance as her appointment books fill within a blink of the eye. 

IG: @Vuwop
Photo via @Vuwop on Instagram

Lisa Vu is a nail tech based out of Southside, Georgia and her work is outstanding, to say the least. If you catch her Instagram page at the right time, you might even be able to book an appointment underneath a special! From perfect Ombre’s on an acrylic set to marble on natural nails, Vu can do it all.  Not only is she affordable and has a great skill set, but she is also personable and is bound to keep you laughing during your appointment. 

Photo via @ByNataliePaige on Instagram

Natalie is a self-taught nail tech located in Sandy Springs, GA. Her nail designs are always bright and trendy, leaving you the girl to envy when it comes to your latest set. Not only does she produce great, quality sets for her consumers, but she also can beat faces as well! Another plus about this talented artist is her ability to work well with budgets, which is great for college students on a budget!

 IG: @NailedByMelissa1
Photo via @NailedByMelissa1 on Instagram

With work that looks like it came straight from a Pinterest board, Nailed by Melissa’s talent is mind-blowing. Based right outside of Atlanta in Decatur, Georgia, this nail tech is bringing the heat to the east side. From her precision in shape to her encapsulated nail art, her quality cannot be beaten. Melissa has even done nails from artists and personalities like Lightskin Keisha and Tokyo Vanity. Although her work will cost you a pretty coin, her quality makes every cent worth it.     

IG: @NailsbySahara_
Photo via @NailsbySahara on Instagram

Wrapping up our Top 5 list is the young but extremely talented, Sahara Jasmine. Sahara is a 19-year-old celebrity nail tech who defies the odds in her field by reaching great success and growing a large fan base at such a young age. With an impressive clientele list, she has done celebrity sets for various entertainers like singer Tiny, comedian B Simone, rapper Molly Brazy, and reality star Porsha Williams.

By: Raylyn Robinson, IG: raylyn_xo


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