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5 Things to Add to Your Desk to Create the Perfect Work Space

Working in an office setting can be a bore sometimes.  Every office is different, but most will allow you to spice things up by adding decor to your workspace. Whether you have your own private office or a small cubicle next to 20 of your favorite work buddies, your desk area says a lot about you. With so many different options to choose from for desk decor, we’ve made it easy and narrowed it down to 5 things you should add to your desk to create the perfect workspace.


It’s cliche yes, but a picture on your desk can be a great way to express yourself at work. It doesn’t just have to be of your parents or children. It can be a picture of your pet snake, or of your favorite celebrity. Whatever you need to motivate you, put a picture of it on your desk. If you want to get fancy invest in a movable picture frame or a weather frame that shows you the weather outside. It’s perfect if you’re feeling closed off or if your desk isn’t close to any windows.


Plants provide many health benefits, so having one right at your desk every day is sure to create a pleasant workspace. Certain plants like cacti and succulents are perfect because they don’t require much maintenance, and they come in a variety of colors and sizes.  Being around inside of a building all day without any sun can bog us down. Having a living thing on your desk is a good way to incorporate a piece of nature.


This one is more dependent on your individual taste, but you HAVE to take a few minutes out of your day to have a little fun. It might have to be on your lunch break but it can still take the edge off. Traditional desk toys like a Newton’s Cradle or a Rubik’s Cube are easy to find. You might also enjoy a tiny sandbox or a mini bowling set. Whatever floats your boat (and they have floating desk toys too) be sure to have something to occupy you during those boring days at your desk.

Stress Ball

A stress ball can go hand in hand with a desk toy. Instead of sending that spicy email, take a few deep breaths, squeeze your stress ball and let it go. Work can be extremely stressful and not everyone can freely express themselves in their work environment so a stress ball is a perfect way to get rid of the tension without losing your job.

Personalized Stationery

It’s a little old school but personalized stationery is one way to set yourself apart from your coworkers. It gives the sense that you have your life together even if you don’t. If you can’t afford personalized stationery there are still a lot of different options you can choose from to display your own unique style and personality. You never know when you might need to write a note or a quick memo and a handwritten note feels much more personal than a text or email.

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