Omeretta The Great Welcomes Atlanta to the Jungle at Listening Party

On January 17,  Atlanta-based rap artist  Omeretta The Great held a private listening party for her upcoming album Welcome To The Jungle, her first project since 2016. Welcome To The Jungle is expected to be released on January 25th. With hard-hitting beats produced by some of Atlanta’s best and an overall raw and uncut sound Omeretta’s album is expected to be a hit.

Rapper Shon Brown ; Credit: Nia Ballard for niachantal

Noted for its majestic garden ambiance the God Is Dope Airbnb, created by brand founder Sharod Simpson, made the perfect venue for the listening party. The vine adorned ceilings, lavish plant decor, and abundance of other greenery combined with graffiti-inspired art and painted walls successfully set the tone, creating a trap-jungle vibe for the evening.  Omeretta’s exclusive listening party also included guest appearances from Atlanta-based rappers Shon Brown, Akbar V, and Lil Donald. Liquor sponsor Dragon Fire brought the heat to the party offering a selection of glowing fruit-flavored beverages to guest.

We caught up with Omeretta to discuss her creative process and what we can expect from her project. Read on to find out what to expect from the Atlanta Rapper’s upcoming project.

How do you feel about releasing your latest project?

I’m nervous about it, but I’m excited about it at the same time. I’m excited because this is my first project since 2016 and I feel like this is the first time that people will actually be able to see my real talent and me being comfortable in the studio. They’ll be able to see what I can do for real [with] my creativity but I’m nervous because I don’t know what to expect or how people are going to feel about it.

Photo courtesy of Tyrone King Jr.

I spoke to Drumma Boy earlier, and he told about some of the songs he produced. What are some the people you worked with?

I worked with a producer named Liby V, Q Don, Bankhead producers, just a lot of different producers on my tape.

What is the overall sound going to be of your album?

I want to say trap, but I don’t want to say trap, and I don’t want to say street, but it is really raw. It’s not like Kids Bop or like regular female rap music. It’s really dope, real raw, real uncut.

What else can we expect coming up this year?

I know I supposed to be planning a tour around it, so that’s dope. We’re still putting everything together though. The only thing I know that is [definite] is I’m having my own mini concert on February the 15th.

We heard you use just Vaseline on your skin. Have you updated your skincare routine?

No, I don’t even use soap barely, unless I’m taking makeup off my face but I use Vaseline all the time or Shea butter if I got a scare on my face but Vaseline most of time.


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