Makeup For Beginners: 5 Must-Have Products

Makeup is an art, and your face is the canvas. Through practice, patients, and good products, any girl can achieve the beat they aspire to attain without seeking a professional.

But what products do you get? How are you to know what will make you break out, match your tone, and for most, what products are the least expensive? If you are just getting your feet wet in the makeup world, you are most likely not in the mindset to purchase the most expensive and professional products to start out and practice with.

Luckily, you’re here at the makeup for dummies corner, getting all the gems on the 5 most important things to keep in your makeup bag as a beginner!

Product One: E.L.F Eyebrow Kit. Step one of most girls makeup routine is the brows. They’ve GOT to be on fleek. A widely known, and very inexpensive makeup brand is E.L.F (Eye, Lips, Face). If there is one thing to recommend from their line of products it would be this awesome eyebrow kit. Inside, you have two dips, a darker pomade, along with a lighter powder. The pomade is used to sculpt the brow, helping you achieve the shape you wish. Use the tiny applicator angled brush that comes in the pack to use the pomade and make hair-like strokes throughout. The lighter powder serves the purpose of filling in closer to the front of the brow so the color looks natural. You’ll find that the pocket-sized packaging is easy to carry around and even has a tiny mirror inside for perfectly detailed application.

Product Two: Although most wouldn’t touch more expensive brands when just beginning, one thing that is important to leap right into is a quality foundation. When just starting out with makeup, the biggest issue a lot of people have is matching their foundations to their proper skin tone. Fortunately enough, Rihanna has made it her duty to create an all-inclusive foundation line, The Pro Filt’r Foundation, that makes it easy for you to choose your shade, and even a concealer that goes directly with your tone. Found at your local Sephora, head inside and ask to get matched for your perfect shade. Fenty Beauty also makes their products high quality, but more affordable to reach people on all platforms.

Product Three: Most beauty gurus can attest to this next must-have: The Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer. Probably one of the easiest concealers to find your match to, this concealer is cheap but high quality. With minimal creasing, the application for this product is easy enough for a 5-year-old to apply. The packaging of this concealer isn’t the skinniest, but it holds a lot of product, allowing you to use the minimum amount and have it for months at a time. The twist and release feature is probably what is the coolest on this product. Twist the bottom and more product will come out of the sponge applicator, allowing a smooth transition from tube to skin.

Product Four: What is a beat face without a chiseled contour?? The True Complexion Contour Palette. A powder contour pallet is easier for a beginner, whereas cream based contours are more difficult to blend and use. This palette was truly made for the startup makeup guru. When you open this palette, you will see 3 different shades. One for contour, one for sculpting, and one for highlight. The top of the packaging has a how-to guide of where each powder goes specifically. This helps to guide you throughout your entire contouring experience. It is highly recommended and still used by makeup inspirations today. Did we mention the price is affordable too? You can sometimes get lucky and find these for around six dollars in the TJ Maxx makeup section.

Product Five: Lastly, what would this be without the gems on the good brushes!? Brushes are pretty basic tools, but the quality of your brush can make or break your look. The key is, again, practice and patience. Some really good beginner makeup brushes that are recommended are by E.L.F! Ranging from one dollar to six dollars, you can find pretty much any style of brush that you need. Contour brushes, to blush brushes, to concealer brushes, E.L.F is there to provide you the perfect items that can help kick off your practice. Once you get good with the basics, then we can chat pro tools!

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