Low-Maintenance Hairstyles to Try During the School Year

Being on the go at all times can be frustrating and overwhelming, especially as a college student. The last thing you want to be tied up in while in a rush for classes is a hairstyle that can take up a significant amount of time. From trying to slick those edges to a wash and go that’s just not coming out so right, hairstyles can be a hard project to tackle. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks for low-maintenance hairstyles that can get you out the door in minimum time.

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This is a personal favorite of mine for those who want a hairstyle that can stretch until the end of the week. This style is also great if you can’t seem to master the art of braiding or twisting to the scalp but who still want that curl pattern. With the use of your favorite leave in conditioner, oil, a dime size amount of curling custard, and eight to 12 hours of air drying time can give you the perfect twist out that can last for up to two or three days. All you have to do when you wake up is untwist and comb through to your desired amount of volume, and this style can transform into a high bun or a low ponytail later in the week with the curls still popping!

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Marley Twists

Marley twists are a different way to provide a cute, creative style in comparison to other protective styles like box braids. This hairdo can last for 6 to 8 weeks depending on your desired length of time you want the style in for. Protective styles are always great when it comes to low-maintenance hairstyle. All that is required to maintain the Marley twists is properly wrap the hair before bedtime and if needed, slicking down your edges before you head out for class or for a full day of errands. Talk about effortless!

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Space Buns 

This style is for the natural hair wearers who want to have a little fun and express themselves with their hair. This style is fairly simple and relatively easy to do. You only need a rat tail comb, bobby pins, rubber bands and your styling gel of choice. Space buns can last for up to three to four days with minor touch ups in between the days of the week.

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Feed-ins are great for those who want a cute protective style but for a shorter time period in comparison to Marley twists or box braids. This style can last for about two to three weeks and requires little to no maintenance besides securing the style in a bonnet or scarf before bedtime. These cornrows also allow for a little creative fun with the use of clamp accessories, strings or any other desires hair accessory of choice.

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Perm Rods

Perm Rods are the last (but not least) on our low-maintenance hairstyles during the school year. This style is great if you are transitioning from relaxed to natural, making it the perfect hairstyle for “naturalistas” alike. What makes perm rods so great is their ability to look great no matter the current length of your hair. Do not get discouraged if your natural hair is of kinkier texture because you can rock this ‘do from a 3a to 4c curl pattern and look amazing!


By: Raylyn Robinson, IG: @raylyn_xo


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