Flirty & Fun: 9 Best Nail Colors for Spring 2019

The spring season is the time of the year meant for sprucing up your style. Whether it be by whipping out that cute romper you’ve been hiding in your closet or those chic pair of sandals you’ve been dying to wear, flashy looks are in this season. Bold colors for the spring time are also very essential! Especially those bright or pastel colors that adds the perfect touch of personality to any look.

It goes without saying that the color, design and even shape of a persons nails says a lot about the kind of mood they’re in. This year, we are ditching the deep hues that you save for fall season and replacing them with some lively colors. So the next time you walk into the salon for a fresh manicure or pedicure, try these nine pop of colors to describe exactly how vibrant you are! 

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1. Barbie Pink

Pink is no new color for the classic girly girl, but instead of that boring pale pink, try going for a brighter hue of pink to stand out and catch everyone’s eye. This barbie pink color is definitely a statement and will have everyone asking “Who did your nails?!”

Photo Credit: Uma’s Nail Art

2. Sky Blue

You can never go wrong with blue as a nail color option, but pairing sky blue nails with a simple all black or white outfit will give it that fresh, fun & flirty look  which is what the spring season is all about!

                                                                                            Photo Credit:  Floss Gloss

3. Coral

Coral is a fantastic idea for those who love a cute, bright look but also want to pop out with something a little different and out of your comfort zone.

Photo Credit: The Polish Squirrel

  4. Jade Green

Now I know I mentioned straying away from the fall colors, but can we get into this jade green color for a minute? This is the color option for those looking for a more subtle alternative, but who still like to be different and have their nails pop.

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5. Sunshine Yellow

Of course this color had to be listed; how can one mention spring nail colors without mentioning sunshine yellow? Yellow just screams black girl magic, and it is such a happy & carefree color. To spice this color up a little, you can also add an ombre design (pictured above) for a more unique look.

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Photo Credit: Etsy 

6. Holographic

The holographic nail trend is fairly new having just became more popular over the course of four years. It is a cute and fun way to give life to the dynamics of your manicure. The holographic design brings any color from regular to extravagant!

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7. Pastel Purple

Not only is pastel purple the featured & favored color for the NiaChantal Magazine but it is also an all year round perfect nail color. It’s super subtle but also says so many positive things about someone’s personality.

Photo Credit: Snupps

8. Mint Green

Mint green is the cutest vintage color that gives off those “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” vibes that will definitely get a few admiring stares for sure.

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Photo credit: YouTube

9.  Tie-Dye

Tie-Dye is the ultimate fun nail choice thats allows for creative control to add your favorite colors into the mix if you simply cannot decide on one!


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