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7 Tips for Conquering a Virtual Job Interview

More and more companies are opting to conduct online interviews as opposed to traditional in-person interviews. This is because of how efficient they have proven to be over time. For instance, saving the interviewee time and money for commuting, especially in metropolitan and other heavily populated areas. It is essential to be fully equipped and prepared in knowing exactly what to expect. Here are 7 tips that will help propel you further in conquering a successful online interview. 

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1. Have the Right Equipment 

The interviewer being able to hear and listen to you, and vice versa, is a crucial element to online interviewing. This all begins with having the right equipment. Webcam and microphone capability is paramount, and make sure that these communication channels are working properly before the interview. Test it out with a friend on Skype or Google Hangout. Multiple of these video applications also allow you to test your video and audio right before going live. Hop onto the interview about 10 to 15 minutes early to make sure things are in working order. 

2. The Perfect Location 

When finding the perfect location to set up your interview, keep a few things in mind. Make sure the area is quiet and away from any distractions or interruptions. Furthermore, look for a simple, calm and peaceful background with little distraction. The last thing you want is for the interviewer to be paying more attention to your background than to you. 

3. Dress to Impress 

Although more than likely you will be in the comfort of your own home, it is still important to dress the part. This means dressing in your best business professional from head to toe. Avoid choosing to just dress the upper half of your body while remaining casual with sweatpants on the bottom half. This will avoid any discrepancies by the off chance you have to get up during the interview to grab anything. Which brings us to the next point…

4. Proper Preparation Materials 

To avoid having to get up during your interview, lay out all necessary preparation materials in front of you ahead of time. This is where your true organizational skills come into play. Create a system where your materials can easily be found in case you need to refer back to any of them. For example, keep your resume and cover letter to the right of your computer while keeping any pre-written notes and extra notebook paper to the left. 

5. Look at the Camera

Fight the urge to look away from the camera. This can be difficult because we often find ourselves wanting to look at the other person’s image on the screen, or our own. This will give the impression that you are not giving eye contact. To avoid this keep your eyes on the camera as much as possible. 

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6. Communicating Effectively 

In order to ensure optimal communication, speak slowly and clearly. The interviewer wants to hear what you have to say. Moreover, it is also imperative to listen carefully. Communication can be made more difficult when involving a channel that could endure technicalities such as audio delays. To avoid cutting in or cutting off the interviewer wait a couple of seconds before replying. Restating the question also wouldn’t hurt either. 

7. Practice!

The best way to secure a successful interview is to practice beforehand. Ask a friend to help conduct a mock interview with you so you can smooth out errors and make any corrections. This would also be a good time to do any last minute research on the company or position you are applying for. 

Good luck with your interview! 



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