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6 Toxic Behaviors That Are Hindering Your Success

You’ve been trying your hardest to exceed in life, but something keeps getting in the way. Have you ever thought it could be you? Don’t be the obstacle to your own success. You may have toxic behaviors that you need to let go of first in order to reach your dreams. Here are six common toxic behaviors that are hindering your success.

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Comparing yourself

This is the most important obstacle anyone can face. With social media today, anyone can view all of the amazing things people are doing every day around the world. This can lead people to compare themselves to the success of others. It leaves a sense of feeling empty and worthless. Never compare yourself to anyone else’s success! It’s a journey, not a race and everyone reaches their desired destinations at different times.

Following the trend

Momma always said, “if they jump off a bridge, would you too?” In other words, just because everyone is doing it, it doesn’t mean it’s for you! People nowadays will notice a trend giving people money and/or fame, and want to take part even though it’s not for them. An example is being a “clout rapper”, or “fashion designer” (referring to printing simple designs on white tees and inflating the resale price). Following trends just to follow only creates a cheaper copy of someone who already succeeded and ultimately lowers thier credibility.

Chasing the Cash flow

This is similar to following trends but in this case, it is solely money that is driving the person. This is toxic because after all the money has come and gone, the person is only left doing a task they probably don’t enjoy doing.  Focus on passion instead of money and follow true desires.

Doubting yourself

“Shoot for the stars, so you land on a cloud” (Kanye West). Wipe away all self-doubt because if someone has done it before,  then so can the next person. It’s just about doing it your own way. Too many people doubt themselves and try to opt out of doing what they want before it even begins. There would be no influential people on this planet if everyone doubted themselves before they even started.

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Not being consistent

 No one can chase a dream with half of the effort. An extremely toxic trait a lot of people have is a dream with no ambition to chase it. A dream cannot be achieved if it is not worked towards at a consistent basis. An example would be consistently working on improving a craft in order to reach a certain goal.

Surrounding yourself with negativity

The most detrimental thing to a person’s success is who they have around them. Surrounding yourself with positive people that support you is truly the key. It is impossible to grow with negative people in your circle plotting against your success and shooting down your ideas.

Written by Brandon Ogbu


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