5 Things to Do to Avoid the Superbowl if you’re a Falcons Fan

To our fellow, strong and loyal Atlanta Falcons Fans, we know what this weekend may mean for you. We thank the universe for aligning in perfect timing to keep a certain football team from coming in town, however, this weekend would be more enjoyable if our Falcons got to redeem themselves in our city. So if you’re not feeling the gameday excitement surrounding the New England Patriots or the Los Angeles Rams, here are a few other ideas to do this weekend to avoid the Superbowl in Atlanta.

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Get out of the city completely

The best way to not have any interaction with the Superbowl is to leave Atlanta. If you don’t have anything planned, make this weekend a reason to do a quick getaway or road trip outside of the city. Book a hotel room or an Airbnb and go out to a nice restaurant around the area you choose. Bring along a book you’ve been trying to get into or start a new Netflix series while you enjoy your weekend getaway.

Plan a self-care Sunday instead of participating in Superbowl Sunday

After the season we’ve had as Falcons fans, self-care will definitely be needed. Whether you will be crossing off a to-do list or simply getting some much-needed sleep, remember to do things that make you feel good. Look into those new skin-care products to add to your skin-care routine, relax at a spa or a salon, or release any leftover anger by going to the gym.

Go see a movie or have a movie night indoors

Another idea to distract yourself from football is to get lost in a great movie. If you haven’t seen any movies in a while, get out and see what’s in theaters. Catch the latest DC and Marvel movies, “Aquaman” and “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse”, or the movie “Glass” if you’re into dramas. If you want to avoid the anticipated traffic this weekend, having a movie night indoors with all of your favorite snacks and drinks is just as satisfying.

Go out and listen to music

Outside of football and game day activities, there are a lot of music-related events happening in the city. If you’re a music junkie, attend the Budlight Music Festival at the State Farm Arena happening January 31st – February 2nd. Enjoy performances from Bruno Mars, Cardi B, Atlanta’s own Ludacris and Migos, and many more! There will also be plenty of Superbowl after parties hosted by your favorite artists for you to attend and enjoy.

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Throw a Falcons-themed Party

For those that still would like to do something football related for Superbowl weekend, invite your fellow Falcons fans over and have your own party! Decorate in red and black, wear your favorite Falcons gear, cook your favorite game day foods and have a great time. No matter what comes our way and no matter how a season turns out, we will always be loyal to our city. So celebrate anyway!

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