5 Perfect Christmas Gifts For Your New Boo (Him)

It’s that season, where people forget gifts for no reason! Every year, Christmas rolls around and every year we somehow wait until the very last minute to get gifts for the ones we love. Worst of all, figuring out what to get them can sometimes be the reason we wait so long. With all the odds against you, you’re also in a new fling with your boo. Ladies, look no further, here are the perfect last minute gift ideas to get your new bae this holiday season.

This first gift idea goes to all of the creative souls out there. Push your creativity to the limit and paint a canvas of something relating to what you know he likes. Nothing is better than a handmade gift, allowing no room for him to want to return the item because it doesn’t fit, or not the right color! Head to Michaels, grab a blank canvas, some brushes, and paint and get to creating! Real portraits can get costly, so paint something you know he can hang in his room. Some ideas can include anything that means a lot to him, his favorite album cover, or a motivational quote that he can hang over his bed or beside his mirror, he’ll be sure to love it.

Guys are always losing socks, tearing their boxers, and can never have too many lounge sweats laying around. The perfect gift for someone like this would be a bin full of all of these necessities! Grab a big bin from Walmart, some wrapping paper, tissue paper, and a card for aesthetics and you have the perfect, most useful gift.

You can never go wrong with stocking stuffer gifts. This includes things like gift cards, chapstick, gum, candy, and maybe even a little note expressing your appreciation for your companion. If you just truly don’t know what he needs, or afraid of what he will and won’t like this gift is for you! Head to the Dollar Tree and grab a cute stocking to fill. Include the stocking with things like an amazon gifts card, a gift card to his favorite restaurant, his favorite, or your favorite lip product to keeps those puckers moisturized for both you and him. To keep the stocking nice and full, fill the bottom with tons of candy you now he loves, gum and even an affordable beanie or hat for extra measure. It will look as though you really put thought into his gift, even when you have no idea what he would like.

This next gift can be a bit more impressive, and useful to him. Every man needs a good, durable wallet. The best part about this gift is that you don’t have to go and spend tons of money on one that is actually nice and perhaps even name brand. TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshals are always having good deals on out of season name brand wallets. Show your sense of style by giving him a nice wallet to store the things that are most important. This gift will not only impress him but also provide a good gift at a reasonable price to your own wallet.

Lastly, another thoughtful and last minute gift for your new boo could be some good smelling cologne. This is a “you and I” gift, the best kind there is. Pick out something you’ll be ok with smelling everyday. Nothing is better than a good smelling man. Just like the wallet option above, you can find nice, brand named colognes in stores like TJ Maxx and Ross. This gift will take the sweat off your back, especially knowing he most likely isn’t going out himself to purchase colognes. You may even be introducing him to something new that he’ll love forever!


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