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5 Black Millennial Entrepreneurs Who are History in the Making

During Black History Month, it is traditional to celebrate the historical trailblazers who laid for the foundation for African American to prosper, today. Continuing the torch of success, many black millennials have found massive success in entrepreneurship. Unlike ever before, this generation of entrepreneurs are producing numerous millionaires who are breaking unprecedented barriers and records, becoming modern history themselves.  As the millennial generation continues to make a bold statement in every industry, here are five Black entrepreneurs who are making history today.

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Ronne Brown

Ronesha “Ronne” Brown is a woman of many titles and has successfully built a career from being a custodian to a million dollar businesswoman. Brown has founded multiple programs such as High Heels High Goals and Millionaire’s Academy, to empower women and men to reach their goals as well as become successful entrepreneurs. She has been featured on FOX 5, SiriusXM, SHAPE, NBC, and News Channel Eight. She inspires men and women to create six-figure incomes, become debt free, and live life on their own terms.

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Laci Jordan

The talented designer and creative director didn’t originally begin working in the creative world. Receiving her degree in Criminal Justice, Laci Jordan began her career working for the FBI. However, after not being fulfilled in the profession, she bet on herself and made her own creative lane. Her illustration and design work has become extremely favored after working with Saint Heron, 21Ninety, Michael Jordan, and The New York Times just to name a few.

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Brandon Bryant

Co-founder and Venture Partner of Harlem Capital Partners, Brandon Bryant is quickly becoming a top industry expert in brand management. Harlem Capital Partners is a minority-owned firm that invests in 1,000+ companies in Harlem. In addition, he is a millennial entrepreneur and influencer. Bryant is the Creative Director of Wall Street Paper, a digital creative outlet that is focused on lifestyle and culture for the modern gentleman. He has partnered with prominent brands such as GQ Magazine, Cole Haan, Perry Ellis, and Diageo.

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Kiki Ayers

From being homeless to launching her own PR  business, Ke’Andrea “Kiki” Ayers is the definition of making something out of nothing. From entrepreneur and journalist to publicist and media personality, Ayers’ talents are endless. Once living out of her car, she did not let her obstacle of being homeless stop her from achieving her dreams. Her hard work and dedication earned her a place in entertainment’s elite. Since founding her PR agency, Ayers Publicity, she has interviewed A-list names on many red carpets and movie screenings, lead speaking engagements, and secured many elite media placements for her clients.

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Danielle Leslie

From growing her online course to a million dollar business, Danielle Leslie uses her skills to teach other entrepreneurs how to successfully start their own online courses. Leslie founded Culture Add™ Labs to help companies and individuals uncover their Culture Add™ and launch profitable products online. She is also the creator of #CourseFromScratch, an 8-week online intensive that helps people create & launch their profitable online courses. Her courses have over 50,000 people enrolled in worldwide.

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