3 Signs She’s Just Not That Into You

Dating can be hard in this generation with dating apps being the new normal, guys given the cold shoulder and women giving out those misleading signs. You might think that her sparingly entertaining the conversation through your attempt to “shoot your shot” in her DM’s were indicators of her interest, but this is not always the case. There are some tricks and tips to the art of reading women and some signs that maybe she’s just not that into you like you might think.

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  1. There’s Always an Excuse

For a lot of young women, we always have a lot going for ourselves whether it be work, creating a brand, or working towards their craft. But at the end of the day, everyone makes time for who they want. If you are attempting to take her out to the movies or a nice dinner but plans always seem to fall through at the last minute or every time you try to call her she is busy with something else… maybe she’s just not that into you.


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  1. Her Reply Time Isn’t On Point

This again loops back to how people make time for who they want. Most times everyone has their phone in their hand or within close proximity. If her reply time is within hour time intervals, then this is a pretty solid indicator that she just may not be that interested in getting to know you or hold a conversation.

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  1. Her Conversation is Lackluster In Comparison to Yours

If you are a conversationalist and always have a topic in mind to bring up, then that is a great quality a lot of women look for in a potential partner. If you find yourself bringing up great conversation starters on the phone or over text message and you’re just not getting those information-filled responses and instead are getting “lol” “good” “just chilling,” can be a bit of a downer. Women, for the most part, love talking and starting a conversation, and with new potential partners, the conversation topics are endless.

It does not take much to figure out when and where your energy is being reciprocated in certain situations, so do not be that guy to keep pressing a conversation where you are not necessarily wanted. Women can be a bit confusing and misleading in our antics, but everything always goes back to the principle of how important mutual interest is and how it’s required in mainly all positive social interactions. Be sure to play your role.

Written By: Raylyn Robinson



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