The Last Minute New Years Eve Party Guide

While most people bring in the new year in a nightclub or fancy party, others prefer a more intimate atmosphere, with close loved ones to reflect on the year. Planning for family and friends, especially last minute, can stressful and even take away from the fun, happy spirit of NYE. 

Stress and worry are being left in 2018, so take a breather, and read on for our last minute party guide.


The menu options must satisfy your all of your guests. News Years Eve typically screams hors-d’oeuvres so be sure to serve up tasty finger food that will deliciously pair with the champagne of the night. A fruit and veggie tray or a charcuterie plate are quick and healthy options. Rotel cheese dip is also a classic and easy-prep dish for a gathering that’s sure to go over well. Select fine champagne for the toast, along with a spiked punch to keep the party going. A mixture of beers and liquor should also be provided for the heavy drinkers on the guest list –  there’s always a few.

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The most wonderful time of the year has come to an end, so please get rid of the Christmas decorations. Decorate your party space with festive streamers, table confetti, balloons, with cute New Year’s Eve hats, and glasses for your guests to wear. Even better, all of those items can be found at your local dollar store. Room lighting should be dim, illuminated with subtle wall lights using refurbished Christmas tree lights. The Christmas lights will beautifully reflect light off your streamers, creating the ultimate party experience. 


Lastly,  and yet the most important piece to the puzzle, is your itinerary for the night. You never want the highlight of your function to be the New Years Eve countdown. Entertain and engage your guests throughout the night with fun, competitive games. Charades and Taboo are two exceptional options. Download the Heads Up App to add some variety to the game pool.  Allow the opportunity for everyone to get even more comfortable with a few rounds of karaoke, or an intense drinking game. 

Although all these things are imperative to having a successful intimate gathering, more essentially,  spending time and making lifelong memories with the ones you love should be the biggest part of the celebration. Make sure the energy is positive and the laughter is genuine. As you reflect in the last moments of 2018, remember all the things you’ve learned and experienced throughout the year. From that reflection, think of ways to grow and improve from your 2018 lessons. Your 2019 is sure to be superb! 


Happy New Year from the NiaChantal team!


Kelly Perry is an aspiring actress and media mogul with goals to one day write and produce her own sitcoms, have her own talk show and use her platform to impact minority communities through entrepreneurship and philanthropy.

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