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Georgia Businesses That Do Good

If you know me, then you know community service is dear to my heart. I strongly believe we are blessed to bless others. That concept is sometimes hard for people to grasp, but even more harder for businesses.

Of course, with them it’s about the dollar or it doesn’t make sense. But every now and then, we come across companies that have a sense of humanity, and think of humans before the dollar. Companies that work hard for revenue, but work even harder for the betterment of people.

I recently found myself in a Google rabbit hole, and  I wanted to share a few companies in the Georgia area that not only go to work, in order to pay the bills and make a living for themselves, but also do good. Whether they help individuals, or help the community, they are doing good and I wanted to give them a moment to shine.

The companies below are all very different and all have different purposes, but they all do good by helping others and I highly suggest checking them out. Without further ado, here are just a few Atlanta businesses that do good:


Habitat For Humanity

The Atlanta-based Habitat for Humanity is one of the largest of 1,500 U.S. affiliates of Habitat for Humanity International, as well as one of the largest non-profit homebuilders in Atlanta and Fulton County, in general. According to their website, “Atlanta Habitat transforms neighborhoods by bringing generous donors and hardworking volunteers together with working families to build high quality, green homes. The result is dramatic, positive differences in the lives of family members and in neighborhoods. Income qualified homebuyer families can buy affordable homes through no-profit, no-interest loans. Homebuyers complete 250 sweat-equity hours and other requirements, pay for their homes and all upkeep, and maintain current payments on their properties. Atlanta Habitat goes beyond the build to provide support services, educational opportunities and youth programs that promote successful home purchase and ownership. Because we know that the build is only the beginning of the development of strong, sustainable families and communities, our critical home repair programs reach the wider community to the benefit of the whole neighborhood.”

Hustle House Health and Wellness

Family-owned and run company, Hustle House Health and Wellness is committed to not only making people look better, but also feel better because happiness is their goal. Owner, Matt Ribley fell in love with fitness and a healthy lifestyle at an early age and has his own gym based out of Woodstock, Georgia. Hustle House has many testimonials from clients that have trained with Matt and have walked out with a better mindset, a happier overall life, and better movement in everyday life. As we age, most people think that motability goes down, but Matt’s program focuses on making everyday life tasks such as mowing a lawn, walking up a flight of stairs, or even running away from someone trying to hurt you, more effective and easier. He works with individuals of all ages and specializes in injury rehabilitation and prevention. His clients walk away with not only stronger bodies, but stronger minds, as well.



Established in 1980 as an alternative to banks and traditional pawnbrokers, Chapes-JPL provides low interest loans on gold, diamonds, jewelry, watches and other valuable assets, such as cars, purses, and more. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, in the heart of Buckhead (right on Lenox Road), services over 18,000 customers nationwide and is committed to providing a comfortable and private office setting for their clients. Chapes-JPL conducts business by appointment only, in an upscale office environment like I mentioned above, so you can feel comfortable talking about your financial needs. Since Chapes-JPL loans strictly on collateral, they do not require credit checks, tax returns, job verification, or even personal references. Their typical loans are done in minutes, instead of days or weeks, like some of their competitors. Instead of charging many fees and high interest rates like some places, Chapes-JPL provides low interest rates without additional fees, in order to make your their clients lives easier and less stressful.

The Giving Kitchen

Inspired by the support from the hospitality industry when Chef Ryan Hidinger was diagnosed with late-stage cancer in December 2012, The Giving Kitchen is a non-profit organization based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The Giving Kitchen “provides financial assistance and SafetyNet resources to those in the Metro Atlanta, Athens, Columbus and Rome restaurant communities who need help to cover their living expenses while recovering from an accident, illness or disaster. GK also provides assistance to eligible restaurant workers to help pay for funeral arrangements for immediate family members. GK offers two types of Crisis Grants: direct grants that pay basic living expenses, and matching grants that match funds raised by a restaurant team on the behalf of a co-worker in need. To better serve the needs of our community, all restaurant workers in need of emergency assistance from GK should start with our Assistance Inquiry Form.” They have many fun events around the Atlanta area that help The Giving Kitchen stay afloat, in turn, helping those in need.


Robert Spears Landscaping

Helping others that cannot or do not want to do yard work for themselves, Robert Spears Landscaping prides themselves on providing yard care services for homeowners and/or tenants for a discounted price. The owner, Robert is committed to providing quality services in the North Atlanta area, but did not want to charge the traditional high pricing that most charge. Because of this, many owners that are not able to take care of their lawns themselves are now able to keep a tidy yard, without the additional financial stress.

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