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3 must-have products for perfectly moisturized winter skin

If you’re like me, you love to have perfect skin with the least amount of effort. I mean really, who wants cracked winter skin? Even worse, I’m a bit lazy when it comes to using lotions. If I’m wearing pants, there’s a strong chance I’m not going to use it. Embarrassing, I know, but I’ve come to terms with my flaws, and I’m striving for better. Anyways, the good news is I’ve found three products that are fool-proof and call for little effort outside the shower. Yes, you read correctly; these products can be applied in the shower. Well, 2/3 can but for the sake of this post, majority rules. Check out these skincare gems:

Disclaimer: Please make sure you read the ingredients to all of these products. Please do not use any of these products if you are allergic to anything in each product. 

Lavender Pure Castile Soap 

Uses: shampoo, facial wash, body wash

This product is a 3-n-1 gem all in itself. I literally use it from head to toe. The lavender scent is also a bonus. My scalp gets extremely dry in the winter, so I have to use tons of heavy products to keep my curls and scalp moisturized. Because of that, my hair gets weighed down. This soap acts like a clarifying shampoo that leaves the perfect balance for my hair. It’s sulfate and paraben free, which is perfect for helping preserve my hair color too! It’s also gentle on my skin. I guess years of not being loyal to the lotion bottle have left my skin a bit sensitive, but this product hasn’t failed me yet. The same goes for my face. Since I have oily skin, facial cleansing products usually leave my skin super dry. I also wear faux lash extensions, and this product has been the best to use for cleaning my lash line without the sting of typical cleaners.

Lush Body Scrubee

Uses: For Body and Face

So, like I shared before, I haven’t been the best of a friend to my skin when it comes to lotion. It’s really because I just like to get immediately dressed after the shower. Well, this little bar has made all the difference. Made from fair trade shea butter, fair trade organic cocoa butter, and ground almonds, among other things, this magical bar moistens and exfoliates simultaneously. In addition to achieving instant moisture, I love the results of the softening of the heel of my feet, as well as the exfoliation of sensitive skin, after shaving or, a wax. Trust me, you’ll see less ingrown hairs after using this baby. For my face, the bar gives the perfect amount moisture that doesn’t result in overly oily skin after a few hours. After using this bar, I haven’t looked back at using cremes for my face. On top of all of that, this product smells HEAVENLY. If Black Girl Magic had a scent, this would be it.

Witch Hazel

Uses: For face

This product is basic, but the results are everything. Both a cleanser and toner, this product has helped clear up so many dark spots and acne scars. I instantly saw results after a week of using it. Though I use the castile soap for my main facial cleanser, I benefit more from this product as a toner. However, if I apply makeup later in my day after my original cleanse, I love using this to clean and balance my face before I add a primer.

Stay tuned for a video on exactly how I apply these products and in which order. Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel here

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